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About us

Millenium Publishing, founded in 2009, is a Bulgarian publishing company, which aims to deliver the best and the most useful fiction and non-fiction books possible. The founders are true book nerds, in the purest sense of the word, and they believe that a good title can turn your world upside down.

Thus, it is no wonder that Millenium does not limit itself to a single genre or type of books, the company aims to publish a variety of works, from a number of authors, all with a different background, culture and interest. Among the company’s most popular books are the two volumes of Stalin, by Stephen Kotkin, the History of Wars series, several chilling thrillers by Dot Hutchison, Japanese crime novels, the Alexandre Dumas’ famous Cookbook, Amos Oz’s refreshingly honest books, Basile’s humorous Pentamerone, Pulitzer Prize winner Jennifer Egan, Emma Donoghue and many more.

Such diversity in titles allows for the publishing house to earn a large and varying reading audience, with people from all ages and upbringings enjoying Millennium's books daily.

The team behind those books is creative, dedicated and always thirsty for knowledge, which adds a personal touch to every printed book. They do their best to ensure the highest possible quality of books at the most sensible price. In Millenium Publishing, it is widely believed that something as valuable as knowledge should not cost an arm and a leg, and should be made affordable for everyone.

That’s why the team organizes regular, no-ticket-required book premieres and meetings with the authors, which are open to everybody. One of the most aweing events the company has ever organized was when Nobel Prize Nominee Amos Oz visited Sofia, met with his fans and talked about his fears and inspirations. It was such a beautiful and touching experience that half of the audience was in tears during the writer’s moving speech. As final advice, Amos Oz stated he was convinced that love - in all of its shapes and forms - would save the world from evil.

Ultimately, that’s what unites us all in Millenium Publishing - our shared love of reading, learning, and intellectual challenge. In today’s highly logical and technological world, Millenium Publishing offers sanctuary from the madness. Because books don’t just help you escape reality, they offer you the strength to face it.